Do you want to work WITH schools without working FOR them?

I’m glad we found each other. I help SLPs and OTs take control of their caseload and rate while still working with the school population they love!

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I’ve been there.

In 2019, I was suffering from extreme burnout and thought I was done with working with schools. However, an opportunity fell into my lap to work with a local school as a contractor through my business. I set my pay, caseload terms, and other non-negotiables. Contracting made school therapy enjoyable again and now I work to ensure every SLP and OT has that same opportunity!

How can I help you?

“I need help getting started.”

Use our guide as a launch pad!

“I need the tools and paperwork needed to contract with schools.”

Our school contractor packet is what you’re looking for!

“I am school contracting expert BUT could use extra therapy intervention materials.”

We’ve got just the thing for you! Our TSN Material Center has both digital and printable materials for your caseload needs. 

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