Are You or Your Therapists New to Telepractice? Our Team Can Help!

2020 has been everything BUT predictable. As we continue these unprecedented times, many therapists are learning new platforms, providing synchronous teletherapy for the first time, and combining a live and virtual caseload. Our team is offering our "Telepractice Prep and Practice" to help therapists navigate this uncharted territory and feel prepared for their first day.

How We Prep/Practice:

  • 30 minute live meeting with a TSN Coach on your designated therapy platform
  • Live coaching on material use, bandwidth capabilities, sound quality, office space setup, and other relevant topics
  • Curated content as needed:
    • Parent/E-Helper Introduction Letters
    • Technology Set-Up Checklists
    • Caseload Specific Material Recommendations

Purchase Information:

Individual Therapist

Click on the Paypal button below to purchase a $35 one time consult and curated content. We look forward to working with you!

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