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"I want to work for therapists. I want to be there when therapists are preparing for an interview, opening their doors on their private practice or questioning if they should change job environments. I want to be there on a therapist's best day and on their worst day. I want to be there because they deserve it."-Elise Mitchell, M.S. CCC-SLP, Therapist Support Network Founder

Monthly Membership


*Recurring monthly membership that allows you to leave as your needs are met

*Test out the Therapist Support Network™ and see if it meets your support and community needs

*Good for transient support needs such as preparing for an interview or changing job environments

*Receive access to the chat room, meeting sign-up and social gatherings throughout the course of membership.

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Annual Membership


*One-time discounted fee that allows for access to the chat room, meetings and social gatherings throughout the year

*Great for a therapist wanting to network and build connections with like-minded peers

*Ideal for therapists needing continuous support such as therapists with difficult caseload needs, therapists who are remote with little access to other clinicians or therapists who see value in collaboration and team building.

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