The materials needed to serve schools on YOUR terms!

Want to work with schools but have more control over your rate and caseload?
This packet has everything needed to sell and obtain a school contract!

School Contractor Packet Has Everything Needed To...

Set Your rate

Rate Setting Video
Rate Setting Calculator

Sell to Schools

Sales Training
Sales Tracker
Sample Sales Scripts


Modifiable and Downloadable Lawyer Reviewed Brick and Mortar Contract
Modifiable and Downloadable Lawyer Reviewed Teletherapy Contract

Serve schools on your terms!

Modifiable Bio
Student Service Minutes Tracker
Related Service Minutes Tracker
Modifiable Invoice
Mileage Tracker
SLPA Supervision Tracker
Screening Form

BONUS--Access to the Therapist Support Network Material Center

*Access to Materials on the TSN Material Center
*Access to TSN Materials Request Form

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