The Why

I love this image above. I'm 98% sure it's a wedding picture, and I'm actively choosing to ignore that, because it puts the foundation for why I started the Therapist Support Network (TSN) into two words--a seemingly difficult task for someone as tangential as I.

In my past positions, I've had the pleasure of being able to work closely with therapists. I learned from them and they learned from me--and I was at my best as a therapist because of that collaboration. So, I have the general core belief that professionals truly are better together and that belief has followed me throughout my professional career.

Fast forward a bit, October 1st happened--therapists reading this that are in a rehab working environment will probably always remember 10/1/2019 as the day that the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) went into effect. On that day I began seeing social media posts stating "anonymous post" or "posting this for a friend who is nervous to speak up". Those posts would contain information about these therapists going through some very professionally challenging times--anonymously. I was watching posts by individuals going through some very serious things but, because of the nature of social media, they didn't have a community they could reach out to safely. Professional livelihoods were on the line and we as therapists were forced to hide behind anonymity--I decided there had to be a better way for those therapists to get feedback and support.

After days of watching this unfold, October 5th to be exact, I founded the Therapist Support Network™. The reasoning behind it, "the why", is simple--I want therapists to have a person (ideally, more than one). I want therapists to have an exclusive community to turn to in times of support. I want remote therapists to feel like they have a community to collaborate with even though they're the only OT within 100 miles. I want to watch connections form and I want to be a part of those connections. I want therapists to feel empowered and to feel job satisfaction because of this network. I want to be there for a therapist on their best day, I want to be there for a therapist on their worst day, I want to be there for therapists.

So, as I prepare to open the TSN virtual doors--and try to suppress my nerves--I continue to remind myself of "the why" that is quite simply put--we are better together.