The Therapist Support Network condemns oppression, systemic racism, racially motivated violence and brutality towards individuals who are black. We have developed our statement on racism as we disrupt our status quo in light of the recent tragedies and loss of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd.

We recognize that the fields of both speech and occupational therapy lack diversity and will do our part to pave the path for black providers, both current and future, to feel safe in practicing their skillset. This includes material curation that embodies the diverse caseloads therapists treat.

We will spend the next few months analyzing our systems and service offerings to ensure that they reflect inclusion and allow for a safe space that promotes diversity.

We acknowledge that it is our job and obligation to learn about oppression and modalities for inclusion independently without burden to those who are black, but welcome input and embrace constructive feedback from BIPOC therapists.

We recognize systemic racism cannot change overnight but embrace the belief that if we all do our part, use our voices, and use our platforms, systemic racism and racially motivated violence will be obsolete.